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Updated: May 7, 2018

Check out these 5 Steps to Success!

The road to success for Entrepreneurs is never easy. There are always challenges and obstacles on the journey to success and these experiences should not be looked at negatively. Rather look at them as learning experiences which is exactly what they are. Either way I thought sharing these 5 steps to success would be great beneficial advice for up and coming Creative Entrepreneurs.

So let's dive in. The first step is "CONSCIOUSNESS." In other words being present and aware. The more present and aware you become the clearer your thinking becomes. This is when you ask yourself; "what do you really want to do? what would you love to do?" Becoming conscious and self-aware cannot only help you figure out your passion and find success but also improve all aspects in your life.

The second step is "COMPETENCE." Once you know what to do, it is important to become very competent in the area of your interest or passion. Focus on a specific interest or field. Study your craft deeply, know it inside out. Find out the best practices in your field, and gather as much knowledge as you can. Competence is the knowledge, skills, and abilities you have in any given area.

The third step is "COMMITMENT." A deep level of real commitment is needed to succeed. If you have to force yourself to work then maybe the level of commitment is lacking because what you're working on isn't your true passion. When you love something you're naturally drawn to it and you enjoy it, it doesn't feel like work. The commitment should show in how productive your time is. Make sure you commit to your specialty.

The fourth step is "COACHING." Get

coaching. Feedback from clients, audience, and mentors can bring you constructive criticism that can help get you to the next level. Mentors are wonderful they have experience and your best interest at heart. If you could find a Mentor that is a good fit it would be a priceless experience. I've known my mentor for over 10 years, we have become good friends over the years and the advice and support she has given me is priceless.

The fifth and final step is "CONGRUENCE," which means to be in harmony with. Therefore be in harmony with your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself and in your ability to accomplish what you want. A positive mind set is detrimental to success. Remember your quality of life, depends on the quality of your thoughts.

These 5 Steps to Success were put together by Brendon Burchard. He is a successful and well-known Motivational Speaker, Founder of Experts Academy and High Performance Academy, High Performance Coach, and New York Best Selling Author. Brendon has an excellent youtube channel with endless entrepreneurial advice as well as a website that is definitely a great resource for any Creative Entrepreneur. Please enjoy the video (below) that inspired this article. Here's an interesting fact for you, Brendon filmed the entire video completely unscripted and in one shot. Enjoy.

Stay Blessed,

Rebeca M. Maralit

Click above to see video :)


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