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MOOV is more than a Magazine it’s a positive movement. We have built a platform on which Creative Entrepreneurs can Market, Network, and Inspire. We achieve this by featuring Creative Entrepreneurs, their Stories and their Businesses, in Toronto, Canada and all over the world. We also provide a platform on which Entrepreneurs can further market themselves, network with each other, and inspire people who may be interested in entrepreneurship within the fields we cover.

MOOV Magazine is a quarterly, interactive, online publication whose main focus is Creative Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship. There are six sections in the Magazine, each relating to the six areas of Business we cover and focus on. These fields include Writing (Words MOOV), Entertainment (Industry MOOVS), Fashion (Fashion MOOVS), Community & Health (Positive MOOVS), The Arts (Artistic MOOVS) and Creative Businesses (Business MOOVS). MOOV is always working to shine a spotlight on Creative Entrepreneurs. 

We partner with ‘Olivos Design’ so we could provide Creative Entrepreneurs easy access to quality services at affordable prices. MOOV Magazine is also involved in Entrepreneurial Events and Workshops. We are always looking for ways to help Entrepreneurs further develop and expand their businesses. MOOV is also partnered with ‘Segami Life,’which is a Blog about healthy living, mindfulness, and developing and maintaining a positive state of mind. All these topics are important to any successful Creative Entrepreneur’s Lifestyle. Therefore, Segami Life, both writes a column in MOOV Magazine and is a ‘Lifestyle Blog.’  

MOOV launched its first Official Magazine in March of 2010. We're based out of Toronto, Canada. Every season a new Issue is Published. We are constantly mooving forward. At MOOV we believe that positive thinking combined with positive movements and determination equals a road map to success. A wise individual once said, “Action may not always bring you happiness, but there is no happiness without action.” MOOV shares this belief. Dreams and success are attainable as long as you stay focused, determined and strive towards them. Every Season, here at MOOV you’ll meet Creative Entrepreneurs who prove this belief to be true. ~

“Action may not always bring you happiness, but there is no happiness without action.”
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