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9 Ways to get Respect Immediately

When a Creative Entrepreneurs start their journey to success they quickly realize that not only do you need an awesome idea or an amazing talent and a strategic plan for your career or business. You need to be able to get people's respect asap. Obviously, if people do not respect you they won't believe or listen to what you're saying, let alone take you and your business seriously.

I came across an awesome list of quotes, put together by serial entrepreneur Evan Carmichael. He put together a video with this list and called it "9 Ways to Get Respect Immediately." When I watched the whole video, I fell in love with the list and everyone on it who explained each of the awesome quotes. I decided it was amazing advice for creative entrepreneurs and began to put this article together.

I have to say that I truly believe that the first step in gaining any respect is respecting yourself. Self-Respect is an important component because if you do not respect yourself nobody else will either. Be kind, loving, forgiving and aware of yourself, Entrepreneurs are always so busy sometimes they forget to take care of themselves. Without a healthy mind and body there is no success.

Now, for the reason you are reading this article. Here are the nine ways to attain respect immediately. Each quote is accompanied by the person, or people who are known for saying it. I thoroughly enjoy what this lists promotes and I think not only can this list get you respect but it can also improve other areas in your life. Learn and know the 9 ways to getting respect from others and make sure you also watch the video because it goes deeper into each of the nine ways.

  1. "Be the last to speak." (Simon Sinek)

  2. "Be able to laugh at yourself." (Will Smith)

  3. "Let your actions speak louder than your words." (Eric Thomas aka ET)

  4. "Say what you mean." (Vinod Kholsa)

  5. "See the good in everything and everyone." (Kevin Hart)

  6. "Give credit when it is due." (Lebron James)

  7. "Give respect to other people." (Floyd Mayweather & Conor McGregor)

  8. "Always strive to do better." (Terry Cruz)

  9. "Help others when they need it, and ask for help when you need it." (Denzel Washington, Mark Zuckerberg, and Simon Sinek)

Mr. Evan Carmichael did an excellent job putting both the list and the video that inspired this article together. Evan's website (, his #Believe movement, his motivational speeches, workshops, and youtube channel and videos are all excellent resource for Creative Entrepreneurs. Enjoy the video and stay blessed!

Written by Rebeca M. Maralit


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