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SHAPR The Business Networking App

“Swipe for 1 minute each day and make connections you didn’t expect.”

This quote on Shapr’s website caught my attention. A minute is a short time, and possible good connections can be priceless. That’s why I decided to tell you entrepreneurs about it in TechMOOVS column debut. This App is perfect for creative’s and entrepreneurs because we are always busy and building the right important network is important to all of us.

Shapr is both an app and a lifestyle. Their main goal is to construct an environment in which networking is more of a daily habit rather than a daily hassle. Shapr uses your tagged interests, location, and professional experience to suggest 10 to 15 inspiring profiles every day. You would then be able to swipe anonymously and get notified of a match when the interest is mutual. There are no unsolicited requests to talk!

“Meeting new people is one of the most rewarding, fulfilling, and inspiring actions you can take in life. New connections foster new ideas, projects, collaborations, and friendships. Research has shown that the most successful and happy people have two characteristics in common: They live at the center of large networks and they also focus on contributing to the success of others,” expressed the CEO of Shapr, Ludovic Huraux.

The Shapr app used an algorithm to best match profiles that are similar. The daily suggested connections are based on location, interested, as well we your level of professional experience. The Bio is the element that stands out the most on your Shapr profile. This is the brief summary that let’s people know your interests, as well as what you’re looking for on the app. On Shapr first impressions are very important, other users are going to make a split second decision whether to swipe right or left based on your bio and photo.

The app is very convenient, you don’t even have to look for connections Shapr provides a set number of possible connections per day you can chose from. It’s the fastest way to network everyday. You can swipe a Profile right if you’d like to connect, left if you don’t. Once you get a match, you can connect through whichever means you both agree on. It works very well for busy entrepreneurs who need to build on their network and have very little time. “The Shapr philosophy is that networking should be easy and daily. We aim to provide quality first, rather than quantity; that’s why we’re taking an approach that emphasizes checking in each day for just a few minutes and swiping through a few profiles, rather than spending hours browsing endless lists at one point and then never coming back. This way you can implement networking into your daily routine without worrying too much about it - and you get more time to connect with your matches offline.”

If you want to give Shapr a try, or even just check it out and see how it works, simply download the Shapr app from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store and sign up. It’s completely free! If you want to know more check the below live links. See you next season.


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