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How to be More Productive; 10 Easy Ways!

Updated: May 6, 2018

I came across this awesome YouTube Channel called 'Practical Psychology!' They are a rich source of information and strategies for Creative Entrepreneurs. That being said I found a video called '10 Psychological Productivity Tips - How To Be More Productive!' which was a brief summary of tips that really work. This inspired me to write a lil' article and share this video with my fellow Creative Entrepreneurs!

Doing more in less time is a goal every Entrepreneur deals with. High Productivity is essential to every Businesses' success. So, how do we do more? How do we make the best out of our time? Many people look outside of themselves for the answer, but it actually starts within you. First, you have to truly want to be more productive. Second, you are going to have to commit to the changes in your life that are needed for you to be more productive. I'll be honest, its not easy to change your habits to change your life but it is definitely worth it. Thirdly, make sure you have a plan. Organize and prioritize (write it down) what needs to get done, which will help you once you start using your time more effectively.

Now, let's start to look at the 10 ways to become more productive in your life and business;

1. Meditate & Be Gratfeul; many people find it hard to find time. In the video they suggest when you wake up, the first thing you should do is meditate for at least 5 mins. Write down a few things that you are grateful for and feel how good these things make you feel. Meditation and Gratefulness have both proven to improve the quality and health of an individual's life.

2. Rewards; its been said over and over again that humans are naturally attracted to rewards. How does this work? Let's say that you have 3 things you really need to get done. Tell yourself that once you're done these 3 tasks, you get to do something you really enjoy. Doing this method stimulates your brain to want to accomplish things i order to receive the reward for completion.

3. Sleep! We all know a good night sleep does wonders, but many of us creative entrepreneurs work late and wake up early. In order to be more productive, be in a better mood, feel good, and be able to focus more get at least 6 hours of sleep every night.

4. Prioritize! Take the time to write everything that you need to get done and then prioritize everything. Then everything that is super important gets done first. Organizing your time can change your life.

5. Delegate! Listen, this one is for all those entrepreneurs that want to do it all themselves and have a hard time asking people to to hold their weight. No one person can do it all, and have a successful outcome. It is important to learn how to assign people things to do. So you could focus on the important things you need to focus on.

6. Autosuggestion, in other words positive affirmations or self talk. Good examples are; "I can do this." "I am able to accomplish my goals," "I am intelligent and productive," etc...

7. Diet & Exercise! Everyone should invest in their own well being. Eating the right things at the right times, drink a lot of water everyday and exercise regularly and not only will you be physically healthier but mentally healthier as well.

8. De-clutter! Make sure that your work area or creative area is not filled with clutter. The clutter around you will distract your mind making it more difficult to focus on what you're supposed to be doing.

9. Take Breaks! It is important to give your mind and body a break from working hard and focusing. When one takes a break and enjoys a tea or a walk in the sun or a book, the brain get to relax and rest. Therefore when the break is over the individual will feel refreshed and ready continue being productive!

10. Productivity Zappers! These are things that are very good at distracting and entertaining your mind when you're supposed to be being productive. The top 5 most distracting things to watch out for are cell phones, social media internet, gossip, and email.

Productivity is very important, but don't be too productive where you work so much you don't get to live and enjoy your life. A healthy balance in life is important. So make sure you include time for yourself, friends and family when you're creating your "productivity calendar.' Check out the video that inspired this article below. Posted by 'Practical Psychology,' which fyi has over 1.3 million subscribers and believes in using psychology to increase success, smart right? Until next time stay blessed.


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